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FIELD/WORK Residency

The FIELD/WORK Residency is an educational program designed for artists wanting a deeper engagement in vital issues in artists’ professional development, critical feedback, and support in designing a pathway to progress with individual career goals.

Over the course of the 6-month program, resident artists will work to set and achieve professional goals while building long-term plans for the future. The FIELD/WORK Residency's collaboratively developed curriculum combines nuts-and-bolts entrepreneurial skills with deep thinking about creative practice and community building to empower artists to create the foundation for a sustainable creative career.


Testimonials from the 2016-2017 FIELD/WORK Residency cohort

"FIELD/WORK allowed me to overhaul my approach to my career. It was a supportive rigorous process, during which I looked deeply at my values at the same time as I checked off basic tasks like re-writing my artist statement and re-designing my promotional materials." - Anne Stevens

"Updating my CV is probably my most successful accomplishment during the FIELD/WORK Residency. I went from basically not having shown since the early aughts, to being included in two group exhibitions and have three solo exhibitions this year." - Cassie Tompkins

"FIELD/WORK workshops and facilitators helped me put new organizational tools into practice that helped me clarify my business goals and vision for my practice. Between these resources and the support of the residents, I have gained a lot of momentum!" - Christina Villa

"FIELD/WORK provided an opportunity to work with a diverse group of artists and focus on planning the future of our practices. I was afforded the time and support to consider strategies and tactics for moving projects forward, developing networks, and framing a critical practice." - Mat Rappaport

"I am more of an intuitive creator with more short-term goals, and this residency encouraged me to plan more long-term goals, and to not be deterred away from applying for more ambitious opportunities." - Anonymous 

"The FIELD/WORK program helped me think deeply about what I want to accomplish as an artist and gave me the tools and support to develop a clear action plan." - Brent Fogt

"This residency is a great opportunity to workshop your creative career ideas and challenges with people who really understand you - other artists." - Gretchen Hasse

"FIELD/WORK forces you to get a better grasp on the business end of things, helping you to become more focused and efficient in the ways you pursue your artistic practice." - Katie Vota

"The FIELD/WORK Residency was a unique opportunity to reflect holistically on all aspects of my creative practice in a supportive peer community. I was able to create a realistic and ambitious action plan and learn more about the business of being an artist." - Sabba Elahi



Applications are now closed.

Applicants will be notified of decisions by October 1.

Upcoming dates for the 2017-2018 FIELD/WORK Residency applications:

  • July 27: Application Opens on
  • August 7: FIELD/WORK Residency Info Session from 6:00 - 7:00pm
  • September 8: Application Closes 

We are excited to announce the FIELD/WORK Residency 2017-2018 Artist Mentors!

Huong Ngo: interdisciplinary artist and educator; BOLT Residency 2016-2017

Erik L. Peterson: public artist, sculptor, and museum educator; HATCH Projects, 2011-2012 and BOLT Residency, 2013-2015

More details about the FIELD/WORK Residency guest speakers will be available in August.