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Brent Fogt

Brent Fogt creates intricate drawings and installations that reference plants, maps and microscopic organisms.

Fogt uses drawing, collage and installation to explore ideas about organic growth, in particular the natural order that emerges from chaos. He builds his work slowly—mark by mark, piece by piece and stitch by stitch—following a flexible set of rules that leaves room for improvisation. The result is a body of work that resembles hives, coral reefs, nests and cocoons.

Fogt’s work has been featured in New American Paintings, Art in America and the Houston Press and in solo exhibitions at Austin College, Emory University, Indiana University and the Lawndale Art Center. He has completed artist residencies at the Vermont Studio Center, Chicago Artists Coalition and Yaddo.

Fot holds an MFA from the University of Michigan, and MS in foreign service from Georgetown University.

Learn more about Brent Fogt​’s HATCH exhibitions The Terrestrial, The Celestial, and The Imagined Inbetween and Natural Fallacy.

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Artist Resident