Chicago Artists Coalition's BOLT and HATCH residencies offer artists and curators unique opportunities to develop their practices, collaborate, and exchange ideas

HATCH Curatorial Application is closed.

HATCH Artist Application is open until Oct.6, 2021.

HATCH is a competitive artist and curatorial residency program, where residents work in tandem to create conceptual group exhibitions. It is a juried, yearlong incubator for contemporary Chicago artists and curators that strives to support an ecology of curatorial and artistic practice. Applicants who apply have trained to make art or art administration their vocation. A pioneering initiative of the Chicago Artists Coalition (CAC), HATCH fosters shared experimentation, exchange, and creativity to produce ground-breaking exhibitions and programs.


Curatorial Residency
Application opens: September 1, 2021
Application closes: September 22, 2021

Artist Residency
Application opens: September 15, 2021
Application closes: October 6, 2021


Please read the following information carefully as the guidelines and program model have significantly changed:

Three curatorial residents are accepted into the program, based on an application evaluated by three senior curators as mentors and the Executive & Artistic Director. Curatorial residents are then responsible for evaluating artist applications with the Executive & Artistic Director. In dialogue with curatorial residents, and the Artist Grants & Exhibitions Manager, the Executive & Artistic Director will make the decision on the final selection of 12 artists-in-residence. Each curatorial resident manages a group of four artists for the year to realize professional and experimental exhibitions and public programming. Curatorial residents are expected to organize two small group shows (2-, 3-, or 4-person shows) independently, and one survey show (12-person show) as a curatorial collective. Curatorial residents must commit to the residency, from January 2022 - April 2023, and live in the city of Chicago for the duration of the program.

Curatorial residents receive professional development through feedback from and working with mentor curators, as well as through conversations and critiques with an active peer-to-peer creative network. Through this unique, hands-on experience and mentorship program, curators develop valuable insight and experience in contemporary exhibition-making.

Curatorial Resident Responsibilities:

  • Jury artists into the program along with two curatorial residents and Executive & Artistic Director;
  • Participate in interviews with prospective artist residents, which are led by the Executive & Artistic Director;
  • Manage four artists during the residency, from; January 2022 - April 2023
  • Curate three innovative group exhibitions: two small group shows (2-, 3-, or 4-person) and one large group show (12-person);
  • Create at least one public program per group exhibition;
  • Meet with mentor curators periodically to receive critical feedback on your exhibitions;
  • Collaborate with your colleagues (both artists and curators) to implement ways to build community (studio visits, critique groups, potluck dinners, reading group, etc.)
  • Invite at least two leading arts professional to conduct exhibition critiques with your four artists-in-residence (honoraria provided);
  • Promote HATCH exhibition openings and programming to your community and attend the events.

CAC and mentor curators will work closely with curatorial residents to provide:

  • Input on curatorial residents' research, development, and execution of exhibitions in a professional gallery context;
  • A professional and open environment to host visits with gallerists, curators, dealers, and collectors;
  • Marketing support, including: editing press releases, sending media alerts, and promoting events in CAC's newsletter, social media, and the Visualist.


Curatorial resident submissions are evaluated by a jury of three professional peers, the Mentor Curators, from Chicago’s leading cultural institutions.

HATCH Projects is targeted toward self-motivated curators who are able to work independently and display strong management and community building skills. Curators should have a vested interest in their personal development, as well as a commitment to artists’ professional development at various levels in their careers. Curators who demonstrate an interest in contemporary art and a commitment to creating dynamic and innovative exhibitions with 1-3 year(s) of curatorial experience are encouraged to apply. Important: Curators must not be students -- or at any point between January 2022 - April 2023 -- and must live in the city of Chicago in order to have their application be considered.

CAC does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, color, sex, age, veteran status, or disability.

Curatorial residents each receive a $1000 stipend and $200 honorarium for guest critics.


  • Complete the online form HERE
  • Submit 2 writing samples and 3-5 images
  • Include a current 1-2 page resume
  • List two professional references
  • Pay the non-refundable, $10 application fee




Please read the following information carefully as the guidelines and program model have significantly changed:

Twelve artists are accepted into the program based on an application evaluated by the program’s three selected Curatorial Residents and the Executive & Artistic Director. Finalists will be interviewed by the Executive & Artistic Director, Artist Grants & Exhibitions Manager, and the Curatorial Residents in November, 2021.

Selected artists will participate in two exhibitions: one small group shows (2-, 3-, or 4-person) and one large group show (12-person). Each artist will be assigned to one curatorial resident; however, they will have the opportunity to work with all curatorial residents for the 12-person show.

Each artist receives professional development through dynamic exhibitions, one-on-one studio visits, public programs, and community building to develop a sustainable creative practice. Through this unique hands-on experience and professional development program, artists develop valuable insight and experience in contemporary exhibition making.

CAC and HATCH Curatorial Residents work closely with Artist Residents to:

  • Provide two innovative exhibition opportunities: (1) 2-, 3-, or 4-person show, and (1) 12-person show
  • Provide two exhibition critiques by leading arts professionals
  • Facilitate and build an engaging and active arts community and professional development network
  • Provide the opportunity to develop, exhibit, and sell artist residents’ work in a professional gallery context
  • Encourage artist residents to activate the exhibition space through creative public programs and events
  • Provide the organizational infrastructure and professional environment to host visits with gallerists, curators, dealers, and collectors
  • Coordinate exhibition programming with BOLT Residency to maximize attendance at openings
  • Provide full marketing support to the press and arts community, including press releases and postcards
  • Gain exposure and expand audience through CAC’s public programming


Artist applications are evaluated by a jury of the three selected Curatorial Residents, CAC's Artist Grants and Exhibitions Manager, and the Executive & Artistic Director.

HATCH is targeted toward self-motivated artists who are able to work successfully both independently and as active participants of a creative community. Artists should display a vested interest in their professional development and in building community. Artists who take risks in producing innovative, new and challenging work and can demonstrate a commitment to contemporary art are encouraged to apply.

Artists working in the disciplines of visual, performance, and sound arts are welcome to apply. Important: Artists must reside in Chicago during the residency period and are not matriculated students. Artist Residents must also commit to participating in the full-length, 16-month, program: January 2022 - April 2023.

Chicago Artists Coalition strongly encourages and welcomes emerging and established artists of color and/or LGBTQ+ to apply to the residency program. CAC believes that the arts are essential to leading a full and productive life and affirms its support for making the arts available to all people, including those with physical disabilities.


As a commitment to equity, inclusivity and accessibility, CAC is eliminating program fees for HATCH Projects in an effort to reduce barriers to application and participation.

  • Curators are required to pay a $50 lost key deposit upon entry into residency


  • Complete the online form HERE
  • Submit 10 images of your work with a brief description
  • Include a current artist résumé
  • List two professional references
  • ​Pay the non-refundable, $12 application fee



September 1: Curatorial residency application released
September 22: Curatorial residency application due
October: Curatorial Resident Candidates invited to be interviewed
September 15: Artist residency application released
October 6: Artist residency application due
November: Artist Resident Candidates are invited to be interviewed
January: HATCH Residency begins


Contact: Anthony Williams, Interim Artist Grants & Exhibitions Manager at cac [@] chicagoartistscoalition [.org]

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