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NW Suburban studio Space available

Arts in Bartlett Center for the Arts, 215 S. Main St., Bartlett IL (35 mi. nw of Chicago on Metra Train Line) has a nonresidential 11x11 ft. studio available, now available for 24/7 access. Ideal for 1) visual artists who want to work in their own private space, teach adult classes in our community room and exhibit in our gallery 2) photographers who need a private space/office to set up for portraits or larger groups in our community room, exhibit in our gallery, and give photography workshops 3) musicians who want to give private lessons with free community room space with grand piano for recitals and concerts, 4) arts-related businesses who need a private office and larger space to meet clients and have workshops. Arts in Bartlett is a creative, all-volunteer non-profit arts center founded in 2002 in downtown Bartlett in Town Center at 215 S. Main. Its friendly, supportive occupants are currently a children's art academy teacher, cello teacher, two piano/voice teachers, and a violin teacher. Space costs are $275 a month with utilities paid and free wifi. Space includes a sink with underneath storage. Call Cecilia Green to come see this space and the center (630) 372-4152
Tags: studio space, art teacher, musician, space in Chicago suburbs, Music lessons
total square
121 ft^2
Heating/Air Cond, Electrical, Restrooms, Parking
floor types
floor dimensions
11x11 ft
ceiling height
7 ft
maximum occupancy
space detail other
private studio with sink in Arts Center.
staff/office equipment
Staff, Wireless/Ethernet, Copier
pricing unit
Per month
other price information
Use of copy machine is billed at 5 cents a copy b/w and 15 cents for color
building policies
Rules Artists are not allowed to make any structural alterations to the studio without permission.Artists are responsible for supplying their own furniture and extra lighting.All studiosand common spaces must be kept clean and organized at all time. Clean up after yourself; clean your workspace, sink area and bathroom as needed. A vacuum sweeper is stored in the utility room. Artists are encouraged to cooperate in arts center cleaning. A calendar is by the refrigerator with tasks to keep the arts center clean. If you perform any of these, please initial what you did.Studio occupants are encouraged to periodically bring in paper towels and toilet paper and put in the kitchen for replenishing the bathrooms.Artists who like to work to music are encouraged to use head phones or keep the music at a low level so as not to interfere with others working in the building.In general, food and drink in studios should be kept at a minimum. To prevent bugs, all food must be stored in an air-tight container up off the floor. Artists are responsible for supplying their own towels/paper towels and trash bags in their studios. All soiled rags, empty paint containers, food waste, paper or other debris should be removed from the trash can in each studio when the artist leaves for the day. We do not have trash service.Supply of solvents should be kept to a minimum. They must be stored in an air-tight metal container at all times, which you can purchase at an art supply store. Do not pour chemicals down sinks and toilets. Remove used chemicals in an airtight container with your other trash at the end of the day. Acetylene or propane gases are not allowed. Flammable solvents should be stored in a safety can. No open flames, candles, melting wax, heaters, hot plates, or other high voltage devices are allowed in any studio.Spray paints, fixatives, or adhesives may not be sprayed indoors. Materials that give off obnoxious or toxic fumes must be used outdoors.Short visits by patrons, mentors, and potential clients are encouraged. However, minor children accompanying an artist during his or her studio time must remain in the studio with the adult and not allowed to wander in the building.Permission must obtained for individual artists who want to hold receptions or events that are not part of an event organized by Arts in Bartlett. Those events that charge the attendees to participate are required to pay Arts in Bartlett space fees as outlined above in the Studio agreement. No charge for free events or for corporate or sustaining members. Arts in Bartlett is not responsible for any loss or damages sustained. It is the artist’s responsibility to secure their studio space, tools, supplies, etc.Artist agrees to abide by all rules and regulations provided in the signed studio agreement and/or those posted in studio space. Arts in Bartlett reserves the right to change, revise, update, add or remove any rules or regulations at any time.
liability insurance
hold harmless clauses

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