WED – FRI: 11AM-5PM SAT: 12-4PM | or by advance appointment
WED – FRI: 11AM-5PM SAT: 12-4PM | or by advance appointment
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Transform your space

Looking for art for your office or home?

Chicago Artists Coalition helps uncover exciting artwork for almost any venue

Recognizing the transformative power of art in public and everyday spaces, Chicago Artists Coalition offers art advising as an opportunity for clients to reimagine their environments by selecting and installing original work by contemporary Chicago artists.

CAC will help you find the right artwork for your space. CAC manages the process from start to finish - including generating the idea and scope of the project, budgeting, installation, and promotion.

Things we will consider:

  • Your budget for art
  • Size of the space and ideal number of works
  • Style of work (what is the desired aesthetic)

    We’re open to discussing new ideas and projects, and are able to provide an estimate or, if we cannot help, a reputable referral.

We offer two ways to curate and install the right artwork for your space:

Commissions and Permanent Exhibitions

CAC works exclusively with artists and galleries in Chicago to uncover exciting artwork for your project. CAC will help purchase the work, frame it, and install it. If clients would like to commission an artist to create a new work or mural, CAC can help with this process as well.


In addition to helping clients purchase artwork, CAC offers temporary 6-month rotating exhibitions. To learn more click here.

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