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Kevin Pease

Theatre/Film Coordinator - Beverly Arts Center

The Theatre/Film Coordinator at the Beverly Arts Center is a ten to twelve hour per week position that reports to the Interim Director of Education and heads the Theatre/Film department of the School of Fine Arts at the Beverly Arts Center. The duties and responsibilities of this position are as follows:

  • Creating departmental budget per quarter that outlines Gross Revenue, Expected Cost, and Expected Net.
  • Hiring of each Teaching Artist who teaches for the Theatre/Film department, keeping in mind that the Theatre/Film Coordinator may hire themselves as a Teaching Artist:

o Placing ads on Chicago Artist Coalition for new Teaching Artists and production staff.

o Sharing Job Descriptions with Marketing Manager and the Graphic Designer to add to website and social media channels.

o Interviewing perspective Teaching Artists.

o Maintaining appropriate employee paperwork.

o Creating a contract for each Teaching Artist for every session in which they teach, and turning into the Interim Director of Education in a timely fashion.

  • Creating workshop schedule for the Theatre/Film department for each session catalog: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. This includes, but is not limited to:

o Creation of Theatre and Film workshop offerings for each session.

o Creation of description for each workshop for the catalog.

o Development of workshop budget.

o Assignment of Teaching Artist to each workshop.

o Working with Teaching Artists to create syllabus and communication letters for each workshop in each session.

o Turning in complete and correct information to the Graphic Designer by the deadline.

  • Attending bi-weekly Coordinator Meetings with Interim Director of Education.
  • Attending quarterly departmental meetings with Teaching Artists and Interim Director of Education.
  • Issuing time sheets for bi-weekly payroll, collecting time sheets, and turning them into the Interim Director of Education of approval.
  • Ordering supplies for each workshop in a timely fashion adhering to budgetary restrictions.
  • Completing proper reimbursement paperwork and turning into the Interim Director of Education with original receipts attached.
  • Maintaining an organized office space within the main office, keeping cubicle clean and clutter-free, recognizing that the Main Office must at all times be presentable to visiting funders, potential donors, and the Board of Directors.
  • Participating in “all-hands on deck” events two to three times per year such as “Get Spooky,” the yearly BAC Gala, and major fundraisors.
  • Providing the highest level of customer service possible:

o Making certain to respond to all emails within 2 business days

o Responding to all voicemails within 2 business days.

o Treating students and their parents/guardians with respect, building a love for the arts, helping to develop the artistry of every student, and building a life-long connection to the Arts.

BAC STAR Productions:

Each year the School of Fine Arts at the Beverly Arts Center produces up to eight student productions, one per quarter for ages 5-12 and 12-22. (At times these productions are combined into one production per quarter.) It is the responsibility of the Theatre/Film Coordinator to ensure the highest of quality in these productions, with the goal that productions be as professional as possible:

  • Working with the Interim Director of Education to fully-staff the BAC Star Production season including, but not limited to: Director, Musical Director, Choreographer, Set Designer/Builder, Set Crew, Costume Designer/Builder, Run Crew, Spot Operator, Sound Board Operator, Lighting Board Operator, etc.
  • Regular production meetings with BAC STAR Production staff to make certain all elements of the show are meeting high expectations and reporting this information back to the Interim Director of Education.
  • Maintaining organized and inventoried Costume and Propos storage areas in the basement of the Beverly Arts Center.
  • Coordinating with the Theatre Manager concerning all rehearsal schedules, put-in dates, cue-to-cue schedules, Tech Week schedules, building of set pieces in Shop, and Strike.
  • Ensuring that the Bevelry Arts Center’s Baffes Theatre is cared for and maintained, that dressing rooms, backstage areas, syc/scrim, wings, and all curtains are treated with great respect and care.

This position pays $200 per week.

Interested persons should send their cover letter and resume with the email addresses of three professional references to Interim Director of Education, Carly Bishop, at No phone calls please.

Contact Info:
Job Type: Permanent
Location: South Side, Chicago