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Wed-Thu: 11AM-5PM | Fri-Sat: by advance appointment
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Grace Bboonie

Teaching Artists



TEACHING ARTISTS and ENTREPRENEURS: Artists are invited to share their process and creative style with students with extra classroom time. Through art you will inspire students and teach them relevant english vocabulary. Artists in all genres are welcome. Plenty of time to work on and develop your personal art or business and we are happy to help you exhibit your work, find spaces/housing to live/create and find resources for your art or business.

Ongoing START DATES year round

Salary: free housing + $2200-$2400 per month

Please apply if you have a 4 year degree in any major


US, EU, Austrailian, Canadian, New Zealand citizen

Willing to relocate to China for at least a year

Native English speaking accent and fluency

Open mind and attitude

Open to working with children

Charming and people oriented

ENGLISH TEACHERS: teach classes for beginning english learners covering basic phrases and vocabulary

Spend about 20-22 hours a week teaching english and providing professional development to various student and teacher classes in our school locations and also with our school partners. Reimbursement available for any location that is not our primary location. Pinghu is the home of the first artist in China to expose and celebrate the human form. The city is eager and welcoming to artists from all over the world. Our city is a little smaller than Chicago (1.5 million people is small compared to Shanghai with 24 million) so its easy to move around, its easy to save money to invest back in your business and accesible to many cities; 20 min by bullet train to major cities like Shanghai so you don’t miss out on experiences that a larger city can give you.

Your apartment, Airfare, work visa and trip to week long trip to Hong Kong are provided

Teachers should be patient, creative and positive. The environment of our school is warm and inviting and we offer support to teachers that are inspired by the creative arts. We offer opportunities outside the classroom to help build cultural connections between teachers globally. We pride ourselves on having long lasting connections with our teachers even after they've left China.

Enjoy speaking is an official recognized Chinese educational institution hiring qualified teachers. (Its common knowledge that some schools have unprofessional practices that lead to some very uncomfortable situations with the Chinese government) Our students range from Grade 1-Grade 8. We are a private training center with 2 locations in the city.

Contact Info:
Grace Bboonie
Job Type: Freelance/Contract/Temp
Location: Pinghu, China