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Crystal Hodges


About AllKinds Studio:

AllKinds is a multi-disciplinary design and fabrication studio that uses all kinds of materials to create custom art installations. With commissions from corporations, organizations, art consultants, branding agencies and architecture firms, we tailor-make each artwork to fit large-scale spaces for brands, interiors, events and movements. Our dedicated team of designers, artists and fabricators mix materials, technologies and techniques to create art and objects that are innovative, meaningful, beautiful and on-brand. We thrive in our collaborative approach, welcoming new ideas and getting excited about the “what ifs”. Our combined skill sets and handmade approach enable us to produce anything we can conceive, including even the most complex or technical concepts. With every project, our shared goal is to create a meaningful environment that tells a story in an elevated, authentic and impactful way. And nothing makes us happier than creating that story utilizing materials that were once meant for the landfill and giving them new life. At the completion of our projects, we make every effort to repurpose, recycle or donate leftover materials to ensure they are given the longest, most meaningful lives possible.

Below are our company’s six Core Values, which we use to measure employee success and advancement:

Open-Minded: We push ourselves to learn new techniques and acquire new skills to enhance and evolve our work. With every project, we welcome all ideas and encourage new ways of thinking from our team and clients. There are no limits to what we can produce.

Collaborative: We are accessible, a resource and a true partner to our clients, giving them personalized attention and brainstorming with them to find the best possible solution. We view every project as an opportunity to do something amazing together.

Supportive: We are a team who encourages each other and works together in a positive, collaborative environment. We listen, problem solve, discuss and create together without ego. We learn, teach and share new skills with each other to make the team better as a whole.

Driven: We are passionate about creating and sharing meaningful, beautiful art with the world. We work hard to create unique, memorable and innovative art installations that make a lasting impression.

Professional: We present ourselves and our work with confidence and clarity. We earn respect and trust by setting clear expectations and sticking to the boundaries we set with kindness and conviction.

Conscious: We reuse, repurpose, recycle and donate with every project, as much as we can. We thoughtfully plan a project from the start to minimize environmental impact and maximize our social impact.

About the Estimator:

Our estimator has experience in art fabrication and/or construction, has a knack for asking the right questions, can hone in on the smallest of details to get something right, but in a pinch can think on the fly. This critical role is tasked with quarterbacking the detailed budgets for all of our projects in concert with our Design and Fabrication leads and assisting the Sales Manager with completing the final proposal for submission. You’ll compute costs by analyzing labor, material and time requirements - calculating linear feet, square feet and converting it to inches should be no problem. Figuring out precisely how long it will take to affix 1,000 screws into wood should excite you. And what is more exciting is the final project wrap up - how well did we predict the original estimate versus actual hours, and how can we translate that to more accurate future budgets is the name of the game. At AllKinds, every project is unique, and every budget has its nuances.

You’ll work directly with the Owner to learn the ins and outs of our budgeting process in the beginning, along with a growing Sales team dedicated to bringing in new projects.

You must be extremely organized with acute attention to detail to ensure a seamless transition to our Design and Fabrication teams once a budget is approved. Having an understanding of fabrication, construction and/or art is an imperative foundation to be able to estimate these projects accurately.

Every project through our door is unique, so our team is adaptable, flexible and enjoys the challenge of a big learning curve - whether it’s new designs, new materials, new skills or new methods, we LOVE figuring it out! You will be the one setting the team up for success - establishing the foundation for the time and money investment into each project.

Estimator Requirements / Qualifications:

- Extremely organized and detail-focused.

- Strong financial and math skills (if it takes 15 seconds to affix a screw into wood, and there’s 1,250 to tackle - how many hours will it take?)

- Experience and knowledge of building and making dimensional art - how to construct things, familiar with types of wood, types of paint, sources for art and fabrication materials (familiarity with McMaster is a huge plus) and willing to hunt for the right material.

- Excellent time management skills - proposals ALWAYS get sent on time.

- Clear, concise, warm and professional communication style - you’ll interact frequently with all internal departments, clients and vendors.

- Able to juggle multiple estimates at once.

- Triple checking work to ensure everything is accounted for.

- A proactive team player.

- Able to identify your own mistakes and seek improvement.

- Proficient using Excel, Google Drive, Google Slides and Gmail. Base level of Indesign is preferred, but not necessary.

Environment: Our studio is a fast-paced and open working studio environment - it's awesome (and noisy, dusty and smelly at times… but it’s the sounds, feeling, and smell of creativity hard at work!).

Compensation and hours:

Compensation based on experience. Hours estimated at 8-24 hours per week, with growing hours as our sales team brings on new clients. This is a new position within the company with a 3-month contract period.

Our studio hours are 9am - 5:30pm M-F and we strive for work/life balance, but at times we do need to work nights and weekends. This position will be remote until Illinois is in Phase 5 of Restore Illinois, after which it will turn into an in-studio position.

To apply

Email to apply with ‘Estimator - your name’ in the subject line.

Please include:

- a cover letter that explains why you are a good fit and why our Core Values resonate with you. If you do not have all of the necessary qualifications, please also include how you plan to fill the knowledge gap

- your resume

- 2 professional references

- 1 character reference

We do not discriminate on the ground of race, color, religion, sex, age, disability or national origin in the hiring, retention or promotion of employees; nor in determining their rank or the compensation or fringe benefits paid them.

Job Type: Permanent
Location: Chicago, IL