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Gregory Hughes

Elmhurst Symphony: Orchestra Manager and Librarian

TITLE: Orchestra Manager and Librarian

CLASSIFICATION: Part-time Employee

REPORTS TO: Executive Director, Music Director

KEY CONTACTS: Music Director, Stage Manager, Orchestra Musicians, Soloists, Executive Director, Administrative Staff, and Board Members

LOCATION: Elmhurst, IL (Hybrid: On-Site and Remote Work)

SUMMARY: The Orchestra Manager and Librarian is responsible for administering the personnel, production, and music needs of the Elmhurst Symphony Orchestra. This includes applying the union community agreement, preparing and maintaining payroll, scheduling musicians, hiring substitute and extra musicians, coordinating auditions, providing and organizing all music needed for rehearsals and performances, and maintaining the orchestra’s library of parts and scores.

HOURS: Average 10-15 hours of work per week; estimated 20-25 hours per week during the performance season and 5 hours per week in the off-season.

SCHEDULE: This position requires variable working hours depending on the production schedule of the Elmhurst Symphony, including working during all ESO performances and rehearsals; occasional nights and weekends are required. The Elmhurst Symphony regularly rehearses on Wednesday evenings.

SALARY: $16,000–$21,000 annually, depending on prior experience


  • High organization with attention to detail, ability to work independently, strong communication skills, and ability to effectively manage volunteers
  • Musical literacy with the ability to read full scores, transpose, recognize and interpret interpretative markings (bowings, notes from the conductor), and interpret instrumentation formulas
  • Experience playing an orchestral instrument in a symphony orchestra, and orchestra management and/or music librarian experience is preferred but not required
  • Thorough understanding of Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, and familiarity with Google Workspace applications (Gmail, Sheets, Docs, Sites, etc.)

APPLY: Please email resume in PDF format to; no cover letter is required (in fact, cover letters are discouraged).


Orchestra Personnel

  • Determine the instrumentation needs of each piece performed
  • Maintain list of players suitable for hire as extras or substitutes
  • Hire and schedule all orchestral musicians, including the preparation of individual musician contracts, consistent with the orchestra’s artistic standards, as necessitated by repertoire and player absence


  • Ensure musicians receive timely and accurate compensation; track payroll variations, including doubling, extra services, overtime, extra and substitute players, and small ensemble payments
  • Maintain attendance records for each service
  • Secure all necessary signatures, paperwork, and approvals for personnel payment; resolve financial discrepancies in coordination with the bookkeeper

Music Procurement and Preparation

  • Arrange for the purchase, rental, or borrowing of all materials to meet program needs
  • Take delivery of and track incoming music, promptly return rented or borrowed materials, check all incoming and outgoing performance materials for condition and completeness, maintain shipping records
  • Manage and execute all aspects of music preparation, including assembly and distribution of music folders, ensure timely and consistent marking/bowing of parts, creation of practice parts
  • Prepare audition materials for formal auditions in consultation with Principal Musicians and Music Director

Music Library

  • Catalog, file, and maintain the ESO’s collection of scores and parts; manage loans of music from the ESO library
  • Maintain accurate performance records

Rehearsals and Performances

  • Log significant events in connection with rehearsals or concerts, such as complaints, tardiness, and failure to comply with organizational policies
  • Coordinate changes in seating, on-call musicians, and engagement of last-minute substitutes due to unscheduled absence or tardiness
  • Make announcements at rehearsals as required


  • Coordinate the audition process for the replacement or addition of orchestra musicians, advise management and orchestra committees regarding best practices, and schedule all auditions in coordination with all involved parties
  • Initiate appropriate recruiting strategies (such as placing ads, maintaining and updating candidate lists, and direct outreach), greet candidates, and appropriately represent the Elmhurst Symphony Association
  • Record audition results and communication decisions to candidates


  • Advise and participate in meetings and communications regarding the union community agreement as required
  • Develop budget projections for orchestra musician payroll and music library costs
  • Provide personnel list for concert programs
  • Advise on all matters related to musician policies
  • Report concert repertoire to performance licensing organizations (ASCAP and BMI)
  • Attend Music Committee, staff, and board meetings as requested
Contact Info:
Elmhurst Symphony Association
Job Type: Permanent
Location: Hybrid: Elmhurst, IL and Work-from-Home