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Wed-Thu: 11AM-5PM | Fri-Sat: by advance appointment
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Part-time ,
submitted by
Pat Badani

Audio-visual technician for art gallery project

Audio-visual technician with proven experience working with with video, flat screens, and audio equipment. Candidate will advise, set up, and operate video and sound equipment for use in a synched, multichannel video installation integrating 3 to 9 displays in an art gallery setting.


Video System Design:

- Recommend the type and number of displays based on the visual concept.

Audio System Design:
- Determine the number of audio channels needed based on the immersive experience desired.
- Recommend type and number of speakers and their placement to optimize sound distribution.
- Consider using surround sound or object-based audio technologies for spatial effects.

Integration and Synchronization:
- Ensure seamless synchronization between audio and video elements.
- Recommend and utilize media servers or software to control and coordinate playback across channels.

Testing and Calibration:
- Conduct thorough testing of the video and audio systems in a prototype installed in a Chicago production studio.

- Establish a maintenance schedule to ensure continued optimal performance.

Required Qualifications

-Technical Level 3 Certification (or equivalent) and 3 years of experience in audio-visual production and multimedia operations.

-Knowledge of hardware and software of audiovisual technology, including hardware, software and networking systems.

Additional Skills

1) Critical thinking

2) Active listening

3) Operation monitoring

4) Communication

6) Ability to lift and install heavy equipment

Contact Info:
Pat Badani
(773) 793-4576
Job Type: Freelance/Contract/Temp
Compensation: USD $30 per hour, or project-based (to be discussed with AV specialist).
Location: Chicago (North side)