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Wed-Thu: 11AM-5PM | Fri-Sat: by advance appointment
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Assistant Art Teacher

The Glenview School of Arts has been in business for 16 years offering K-12 students an excellent drawing and painting program and is currently looking for an assistant teacher to aid in teaching children ages 6-8 and 9-13 during after-school hours. The position is largely traditional drawing-based, but experience in other mediums is a plus

The teacher will aid students, and will learn the necessary fundamentals of art theory, such as line, form, depth, color theory, etc through our program. So teachers will not only teach students, but will increase their own art knowledge as well.

We believe in the importance of textbook art education and will work closely to prepare the candidate for their future as an art teacher with in-class experience.The teacher will supervise and assist students, critique artwork, encourage creativity, and teach techniques in a variety of mediums.

While imagination and creativity is very important in art, The Glenview School of Art focuses on the importance of learning the fundamental art theories first; building students' skills before they can move onto more advanced projects. We are looking for someone dedicated and enthusiastic about becoming an art teacher.

Additionally, the ideal candidate must have some computer and organizational skills to help the school run smoothly on a daily basis.

Skills & Qualifications:

  • Must have a high school diploma
  • Must enjoy working with children
  • Computer competency (Excel, Google Suite, etc.)

To Apply: Email your resume and cover letter, as well as any relevant samples of your work.

Contact Info:
Job Type: Permanent
Location: Glenview, IL