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Ean Kessler

Writing the Political or Social Play

We are living in a turbulent and vital time, and the world feels on the edge of change. Led by esteemed Teacher Douglas Post, “Writing the Political or Social Play” tackles the political climate we live in, head-on. A safe, inclusive space, Post’s class is designed specifically to engage the playwrights around the table, and begs the question: What do you (as a playwright and as a person) connect to viscerally? What cause stirs in you? Students will study the greats of political theater—from Lorraine Hansberry to Caryl Churchill to August Wilson— and will bring in pages of their own to be read aloud and discussed at each and every class. “Writing the Political or Social Play” encourages writers to take political action through their writing, so that we all can engage with the world, with our hands ready and our eyes open.
Deadline: 04.04.2019
Name: Ean Miles Kessler
Address: 1105 W Chicago Ave, STE 202
Phone: 3126330630