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Win $200 by Sharing a Memory -|- Calling All Writers and Artists

At StoryNews, instead of arguing about the news, we share the memories that shaped the way we feel about it. Take a news item, any news item, and ask yourself, “How do I feel about that? And why? What memory or memories helped lead me to feel this way?” Then write those memories as one or more scenes of your true life story. Or paint them. Sing, dance, make a short film—whatever works best for you and your story. We should be able to guess at your opinion but we should not be told what it is outright. Walk us through the moment(s) that caused you to hold this opinion in the first place so that, in the end, we understand what it is and how you arrived at it. And make sure your story somehow connects back to the news that inspired it. In this way, you'll give readers a glimpse of your unique worldview to help increase our collective understanding, awareness, and empathy. And get a shot at $200. With NO ENTRY FEE. StoryNews is weapons-and-shields down storytelling. All backgrounds. All views. No talking points. Online, M-F, StoryNews works towards understanding and more open, productive dialogues across political divides by publishing the memories that have shaped the views of its contributors, which—although just launched in July 2018—have already included both first-timers and literary heavyweights (Audrey Niffenegger, author of The Time Traveler's Wife).Share your memory through our submission manager at

Deadline: 12.31.2020
Tags: creative nonfiction, Story Through Art, activist art, political art, News and Politics, personal, community
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