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Urban Lights call for photographers and visual designers

URBAN LIGHTS Call for Exhibition Call for Exhibition │Accepted media: Photography, Digital Graphic, Digital Visual DesignTake part in the Group Exhibition in Rome, Italy. June 2019 FREE ENTRY Artists are invited to submit 1 to 3 artworks addressing the theme It is a need made known since the most remote past that of man to illuminate his streets, squares, contexts of social life and community: rom lanterns that indicated the way to go, to the ones that indicated an hospitable place in which stop. Every means created by man to illuminate is therefore not only useful for the orientation of one's own spaces, but also a means of bringing messages, it is at the same time synonymous with energy, testimony of life and the presence of man himself.Today are the neon, the illuminated signs, the lights of shopping centers, of the streets, squares, buildings, etc. to bear witness to this ancient means.This call will collect works that tell of the world of today urban contexts, in the relationship between man, his environment and the means he created to give light. -Submissions at 7th March 2019

Deadline: 03.07.2019
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Name: Antonio Muratore
Address: 00154  Rome  RomaItaly