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Wed-Thu: 11AM-5PM | Fri-Sat: by advance appointment
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Unladylike is looking for VISUAL ARTISTS, MUSICIANS, DANCERS, POETS, AND VENDORS for Sex Positivity Art Exhibition! Visual Art 06.02.2019

Deadline: 06.02.2019
Name: Unladylike is back with another exhibition, Escapism: Sex Positivity at Hairpin Arts Center on June 14th! Escapism is an exhibition that is designed to stimulate the 5 senses and give participants a chance to escape their reality as soon as they walk through the doors. This exhibition’s theme is Sex Positivity where we explore and promote a tolerant and more progressive attitude towards sex while also tackling social issues towards the matter. This exhibition is a ONE night stand only, pun intended! We are seeking to invite 20 visual artists to explore the theme of Sex Positivity, whether it is breaking down gender barriers, sexual confidence, body image, consent or whatever your dirty little minds can think of. What does sex positivity look like for you? Why is sex such a taboo topic? What turns you on? Hanging fees will be implemented in 1 of the following 2 options: One-time electronic payment of $30 due at time of acceptance, OR Contractual agreement to sell 5 event tickets by 6/13/19* * If the 5 ticket requirement has not been reached by that date, the artist will be responsible for the remaining cost. If not paid in full by 11:59 PM, the artist will not be allowed to exhibit in the show If interested, please submit 3-5 images of your work relating to Sex Positivity, statements regarding your work, artist bio, how many pieces you have, and dimensions to Unladylike is also looking for performers such as dancers, singers, poets that fits the theme Sex Positivity as well. Performers should send a video showcasing their talent to (no cost for participation). We are also seeking vendors of all products, but will give priority to those selling food and/or merchandise that relates to the theme. There is a $30 vendor fee. Tables available upon request.
Address: Chicago, IL
Phone: n/a