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Wed-Thu: 11AM-5PM | Fri-Sat: by advance appointment
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time now for ghosts | call for artists

Exhibition Description: time now for ghosts is the exploration of traditional nature centered spiritualities and realities as they are interpreted through the practices of Black artists working with an afrofuturist lens and hand. This is an exploration of the future, as we return to our pasts. time now for ghosts looks into the intersections of time and relativity, to expand our understanding of when - what does it look like for our ghosts to come from the future? along with the presence of the Black body, the Black consciousness within the natural world. 

This exhibition is a conversation around afrofuturism and how it can manifest itself within the natural world, either terrestrial or celestial.

We encourage Black artists working and living throughout the Midwest, especially Iowa and Nebraska to submit work for consideration. 


The Center for Afrofuturist Studies, housed at Public Space One (PS1), is an artist residency and program initiative that supports artists and others in re-imagining new futures for marginalized peoples and exploring the intersections of race, technology, and the diaspora. PS1 is an artist-led, community-driven contemporary art center in Iowa City that is dedicated to providing inclusive, experimental, and innovative art spaces, programs, and resources and advocating for the importance of art in everyday life.

Show Dates: March 6, 2020- March 29, 2020

Deadline: 01.14.2020
Name: Jamillah
Address: NA
Phone: NA