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Wed-Thu: 11AM-5PM | Fri-Sat: by advance appointment
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Call For


Visual Art ,
submitted by
Dionne Milton

The Healing Gala and Art Auction


Who we are:

The Healing Academy brings awareness to the deficits that plague our world. By teaching the power of emotional maturity, the importance of African/ African American history and the necessity to cultivate one’s artistic self, we can change the world.


Our mission is to transform communities by offering education that inspires, transforms and rebirths the soul.

We hold classes and workshops for all ages to ensure the education, growth, health and overall betterment of Melanated people not only in Chicago but the world. One goal of the Healing Academy is to open community arts centers that are holistic academic institutions teaching literacy while healing the voids and traumas of oppression. Another goal is to open international schools for the arts, literacy, holistic health, life skills, history and so much more! ​​

What is this exhibition?

In an effort to make our resources free for our students and families we are raising funds for families to receive scholarships for our programs! Funds raised will pay teaching artists, buy supplies and help cover day to day operations. Artists can choose to fully donate artwork OR you can donate half and receive half back. Either way all donations are tax deductible because we have 501c3 status.

Theme: Art as a Healing Tool: A social-emotional learning experience. How has your art been a tool for understanding your emotions, coping with life after unpleasant experiences and healing from trauma? Artwork selected will align with the pillar of healing through social-emotional learning and awareness.

Requirements: all participants must be 18 or must have written permission from a guardian to participate. Artwork can be 2D or 3D. 3D art must not exceed 12” in any direction and 2D must not exceed 48”.


Art Call Announced March 31st

Submission Deadline July 31st

Notified August 14th

Art Received August 28th

Collector’s Choice September 14th

Artist Talk September 28th

Exhibition/Gala October 12th

Details are coming soon!

Name: Dionne Milton
Address: 748 W. 69th, Unit 2
Phone: 7087332936