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Terrain Exhibitions

Terrain Exhibitions Artist Residencies at Enos Park

Terrain Exhibitions is pleased to announce the development of a new residency and exhibition program, forged with the support of the Enos Park Residency for Visual Artists in Springfield, Illinois. In 2017, the Enos Park neighborhood served as host to seventeen sites for the Third Terrain Biennial. Artists selected a variety of available sites – empty lots, deserted structures, grand historic homes and commercial businesses – where site-specific, temporary public artworks were developed and exhibited for six weeks. The effort revealed a special potency in bringing contemporary artists to Enos Park, and a unique spectrum of sites for artists to respond to. Terrain Exhibitions is offering two residency opportunities in 2019, each lasting six to eight weeks (as directed by the artist) and culminating with a public reception or presentation of work. The 2019 residency periods will fall in June/July and August/September. The fall residency dates for intersect with the 2019 Terrain Biennial. Selected artists will reside in the Enos Park residency duplex as they develop site-responsive public works at sites in cooperation with homeowners, businesses, and the Enos Park Neighborhood Association. Terrain Exhibitions and the Enos Park Residency administrators will support artists to explore the neighborhood, scout potential sites, and establish relationships. There will be no shortage of sites for artists to consider. The $50/week residency fee required by the Enos Park Residency program will be paid for by Terrain. At this time, we cannot offer an additional stipend for materials or travel. Full program details can be found at
Deadline: 04.08.2019
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