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James Moreno

Seeking Filmmaker/Videographer for Multimedia Performance Piece

Seeking a filmmaker/videographer to collaborate on creating video projections for use in an  evening-length multimedia performance piece. The video will be projected intermittently  throughout the piece and range in duration from 25-45 minutes. The project will tour in  Chicago, Kansas City-area, and New York City. The video project will most likely be completed in  2 installments, with the first installment finalized by October 2019 and the second finalized by  April 2020. 


¬†The piece for which the video is being made is called ‚ÄúThe Pocho Project.‚ÄĚ Choreographed by ¬†James Moreno, ‚ÄúThe Pocho Project‚ÄĚ is an evening-length performance that brings together ¬†choreography, devised theater techniques, spoken word texts, and original video and music to ¬†examine how immigration, assimilation, and ‚Äúcultural gatekeeping‚ÄĚ are embedded in the ways ¬†we move, talk, and write. (‚ÄúPocho‚ÄĚ is a derisive Spanish word used to describe assimilated ¬†Mexican-Americans, implying they are cultural traitors.) ‚ÄúThe Pocho Project‚ÄĚ engages questions ¬†of nation and belonging, using the embodied acts of speaking and writing as metaphorical ¬†scaffolding upon which to create movement and theatre. ¬†The project is research-based, while ¬†mining Moreno‚Äôs experience as a Midwestern, working-class, third-generation assimilated ¬†Mexican-American. ¬†


The ideal collaborator will have experience filming performance, dance or otherwise. The ability  to do post-production work, including editing, strongly preferred. Some equipment resources  may be available, but preferably the collaborator can provide equipment. In addition, someone  who has experience conceptualizing and directing their own video work is strongly preferred.  Animation experience is a plus. It is anticipated that the videographer will work closely with the  creative team on conceptualizing the video and on editorial choices, but should have  independent vision to contribute. Ideally, the collaborator will be Chicago or Kansas City-area  based, but a broader national collaboration may be possible.  


Grant funding for this project has been procured from ArtPlace America. Compensation will be  dependent on the final form and duration of the video, as well as the nature and extent of the  collaborator’s contribution. Once the video component is more clearly defined by the  choreographer, creative team, and filmmaker, a budget and agreement will be drafted.  To apply for this position, email a brief cover letter describing your interest and suitability for  this project; a copy of your CV, including website link; and a link to work samples. Work samples  should be limited to projects for which you had significant creative or technical responsibility or  input. Materials are due by July 5. Email materials to the project dramaturg, Cynthia Bond at

Name: James Moreno
Address: Chicago, IL
Phone: 1111111111