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Wed-Thu: 11AM-5PM | Fri-Sat: by advance appointment
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Azul Nogueron

Queer Chicago Call for Artists!

Fulton Street Collective is far more than a gallery in Chicago. It is multi-purpose facility that presents Chicago’s best artists, musicians, and performers on a rental, membership, or invitation basis. It is also a collective of skilled, talented, and dedicated artists who enjoy space to work, showcase, and network. ​Fulton Street Collective is looking for LGBTQIA+ artists to participate in their pop up show Queer Chicago on June 7th, 2019! This group is geared towards queer artists who wish to express their identity with their work and what their identity means to them. What makes you proud of who you are? What challenges have you faced? What does it mean to you to be LGBTQIA+? We are looking for artists across the board: painters, sculptures, small installation artists, and vendors. If you want to submit your artwork, please send your submission to Items for Submission: 3-5 .jpgs of artwork + titles ; Artist Statement; Artist; Resume; A small description of who you are. Please label email “FirstNameLastName_Queer Chicago Art Submission”. Deadline May 12th, 2019.
Deadline: 05.12.2019
Name: Azul Nogueron
Address: 1821 w Hubbard
Phone: 773.482.1686