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Open Call: The Playkit Project

The Playkit Project is an endeavor inspired by the Fluxkits of the 1960s. This will be a series of artworks curated by Associate Professor Theresa Devine that bring together artists working with PLAY.  For each themed Playkit, there will be an edition of 6 with 2 Artist Proofs produced. Selected artists will be expected to supply 8 copies of their work for the edition. The Playkits will be submitted to national and international juried shows and each artist will be given credit for their work and featured on the website. All artists (any age. location, etc.) that work with PLAY as a main component of their work are eligible (e.g. Toys, Board Games, Video Games, Performances, Instructional Art and anything else you can create that incorporates PLAY). Artists are invited to push the limits. The deadline is June 1, 2019.The first is a piece titled, "It's Still A Boys Club." An instagram image of the piece as it is today is found here: Playkit currently includes these pieces: submit your work for consideration email the following materials to and use the subject line, Playkit: Its Still A Boys Club Submission.1. an image, pdf, or video of the piece (please choose the appropriate format to show the important aspects of the work. for example, board games should include the rules and images of the game. video games might send a link to a playable demo and video)2. bio in pdf or word format3. CV in pdf format4. cost to artist to produce 8 copies of the work submittedFor historical context visit the MoMA website:"First announced during 1964 in the fourth Fluxus newspaper, Fluxus cc fiVe ThReE, the Fluxkit encapsulates a collection of multiples and printed items by artists orbiting Maciunas and those who had contributed to festivals and events organized by the group since 1962. The retrofitted attaché case, initially advertised for the price of $100, was among the most elaborate of the Fluxus Editions produced, packed with small objects to be held in the hand, read and manipulated. The contents vary between each kit; however generally, Fluxus newspapers and announcements sit strapped inside the lid and the central compartment houses a built-in noisemaker by Joe Jones; Mieko Shiomi’s Endless Box, comprised of nested paper cubes; Ay-O’s Finger Box, harboring a tactile surprise inside; Alison Knowles’s study of the legume, titled Bean Rolls; and approximately a dozen additional works—several of them performance score cards—kept in latched plastic cases. Eager to distribute this anthology, Maciunas mailed an example to artist Willem de Ridder in Amsterdam during the summer of 1964, and it was offered among the inventory of the European Mail-Order Warehouse/Fluxshop De Ridder founded. (A photograph of this inventory can be seen on the introductory page of this website.) Fluxkits also appeared at performance venues, such as New York’s Carnegie Recital Hall, displayed with other Fluxus Editions for the audience to handle and purchase."
Deadline: 06.01.2019
Tags: toys, games, fluxus, art, Installation Art, new media art, mixed media art, Performance Art, 2D, 3D
Name: Theresa Devine
Address: Phoenix  Arizona  85013United States