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Wed-Thu: 11AM-5PM | Fri-Sat: by advance appointment
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Open Call for ArtWear Collective Spring 2019 Showcase: TEAM MEMBERS

The ArtWear Collective aims to showcase people of color/LGBTQ+ artists and designers that focus on interdisciplinary practices. In Spring of 2019, we will be hosting and curating our first showcase/fashion show at The Adler Planetarium. In order for the exhibition to run as smoothly as possible, we need a mass of helping hands for event management and documentation. This application is for any person who believes they can help with the logistics and/or documentation of the show:photographersvideographerssound technicians/DJshosts/ushersart-handlersbackstage hands/set designerslight techniciansevent managersMUAgraphic designersgeneral volunteersetc.THERE IS NO DEADLINE FOR THIS APPLICATION, although the sooner you apply the more likely you will be considered. This is NOT AN APPLICATION FOR THE RUNWAY SHOW OR INSTALLATION SPACE.All applications must be submitted via our website:
Deadline: 03.10.2019
Tags: photography, event photography, Videography, documentation, graphic design, zine, open call, MUA, event managers, management, sound, video, audio, new media, dj
Name: The ArtWear Collective
Address: Chicago  IllinoisUnited States