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Open Call for ArtWear Collective Spring 2019 Showcase at The Adler Planetarium

The ArtWear Collective aims to showcase people of color/LGBTQ+ artists and designers that focus on interdisciplinary practices. We aim to feature specifically artists that blur the lines between fashion and art; i.e. wearable art, non-wearable garments, garment-based performance, and other forms of avant-garde garment-making.In Spring of 2019, we will be hosting and curating our first showcase/fashion show at The Adler Planetarium in Chicago and are looking for artists and designers whose work parallels these ideals. This is to be a very non-traditional fashion show and work submitted during the application process can range over a multitude of practices as long as garment and the body are key reference points. The title and theme of the show is Celestial Bodies, prompting artists and designers to create something outside the box that is natural to their practice yet unnatural to the everyday world. Each designer will be asked to make garment-inspired works, blurring the line between art and fashion and disrupting the binary. Each general artist will be asked to make work that adheres to the theme and engages the audience in exciting ways. The show will host primarily fashion designers and performance artists while the pre-show event will showcase 2D,3D, and 4D work. The afterparty will showcase primarily audio and visual work.The following are the links to applications. The application is free.Application for designers (DEADLINE FEBRUARY 15, 2019): for general artists (NO DEADLINE): for team members (NO DEADLINE): link for more information on the show: any inquiries about the show, please contact
Deadline: 02.15.2019
Tags: Fashion, art, Performance Art, Installation Art, design, fiber art, textile design, Garment Design, fashion design
Name: The ArtWear Collective
Address: Chicago  IllinoisUnited States