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Wed-Thu: 11AM-5PM | Fri-Sat: by advance appointment
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Looking for content creators that are passionate about the art scene in Chicago

The Black Yuppie are currently looking for creators that are looking for a new place to develope ideas and concepts. By collaborating with as many artist as possible in our community, our goal is to create a new rennassance in Chicago. From the establish to the underrepresented, if your voice is original and pure, it needs to be heard. We are currently looking for bloggers and writers that are passionate enough about the art scene in Chicago to take pictures and report about it through the site. If at any chance that you do have an\ concept that you would like to bring to the site, we will help develope it and make sure that it get enough exposure as possible. At The Black Yuppie, we put the creative first and make sure that your name is on anything that you produce. To continue the conversation, shoot us an email at with you name, contact information, and examples of your work and what you would like to contribute to the company and we would reach out as soon as possible. 
Deadline: 11.30.2019
Name: The Black Yuppie
Address: Chicago  Illinois  60616United States
Phone: 3122792026