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Joining Sword & Pen Playwriting Competition

Seeking Female, Trans or Gender Non-Conforming Playwrights!¬†1. Please email your¬†Joining Sword & Pen¬†(JS&P) submission in a PDF Ô¨Āle to¬† This will be a BLIND SUBMISSION PROCESS.Your email submission should contain two separate attachments:a) Your cover page. INCLUDE the play‚Äôs title, playwright‚Äôs name, and full contact information (name, phone numbers,¬†email, mailing address).b) Your script. INCLUDE a list of characters, and the page number where the contest‚Äôs image is incorporated. DO NOT INCLUDE ANY contact¬†information, of any kind, in the body of your script. An author‚Äôs identity¬†will only be¬†revealed to the ensemble once a selection has been made.2.¬†JS&P¬†submissions are due NO LATER than midnight¬†February 7, 2019.3. The winner of the contest agrees to participation in the¬†Fighting Words¬†new plays program (workshops and festival reading ‚Äď dates TBD), and grants Babes With Blades Theatre Company rights to produce the world premiere production of the winning play in our 2020/2021 Season (dates TBD).4. All¬†JS&P¬†submissions must be new, original works, inspired by the artwork that¬†is the focus of the contest.¬†Previously written, workshopped, published or performed submissions will not be¬†considered and we will not contact you. Please do not insert the contest image into an existing script.5. The moment depicted in the inspirational image must be physically dramatized/incorporated into the play. We want to (literally) perform that moment on stage. Please include the page number of your script where the contest‚Äôs image is depicted in your submission email.PLEASE NOTE: The images selected for this round of the competition can be found on our website. Please do not select your own prompt image.¬†Please note: the models in the inspirational images are intended as prompts, to provide an emotional starting point for your reference. You are NOT required to incorporate those speciÔ¨Āc people, body types, races, ages, etc. into your script ‚Äď rather, take the moment depicted and make it your own. Bear in mind that Babes With Blades Theatre Company encourages scripts that allow for a diverse world of characters onstage!
Deadline: 02.07.2019
Tags: theatre, Theater, art, plays, writing, playwriting, stage combat, women, transgender, gender non-binary, female
Name: Morgan Manasa
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