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Wed-Thu: 11AM-5PM | Fri-Sat: by advance appointment
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Holiday Art Market - Featuring Jackie Mantey | Call for Art

This is an invitation for all Chicago-based artists to apply for a space at Slate Arts and Performance’s first ever Holiday Art Market! This exhibition will take place on Friday, December 20, 2019, from 8 - 11 PM, with featured art by Jackie Mantey.

There is no fee to apply or exhibit, however artists must provide and set up their own booth for the exhibition, with a maximum size of 6’x6’.

Please submit links to 3 samples of work that you plan to sell at the exhibition. If selected, these samples will be subject to a 20% commission to the gallery. All other work sold at the exhibition will be free from the 20% commission. All artists must have 3 pre-approved pieces for sale with commission at the exhibition.

Submissions will be accepted through Sunday, December 8 at 11:50 PM.

All work must be hosted online. The submission form does not have a space to upload work. If you need assistance with uploading your work, please contact us at

Please submit pieces here:

Artist statement // Show Your Work

The Show Your Work series by Jackie Mantey considers the human tendency to impose our own narratives on another’s truth, as well as the layered and complicated process of rewriting the present by reconsidering the past.

Each image in the Show Your Work series is a previously discarded photograph dug up at an antique store or on a found-photo resale site. Jackie Google-searched a question sparked by the original photograph, selected the most intriguing image that showed up in the Google results, and then embroidered that web-found image onto the original photograph.

The framing methodology encourages viewers to turn the frame around to see the back of each altered photograph—to see the work. The flip side of the photo can reveal the history of the photo, a pentimento of its years as a multi-purpose object, and hint at the many hands that have touched it. See the messy embroidery backside not often shown by artists and crafters, find the Googled question in Jackie’s handwriting, and read any prior markings by previous owners of the photograph (including years, names, notes, and/or antique store sales information).

In a time that’s all about content generation, what do we do with the “content” that’s already here? This work also engages contemporary culture’s historically profound ability to divine answers almost immediately, as well as the tension and confusion

that results from our very mortal inability to find the answers we are most often in search of.

About the artist // Jackie Mantey

Jackie Mantey is a Chicago writer, visual artist, and co-founder of lo-class, a multidisciplinary DIY production studio. Follow her on Instagram @jackiemanteydoctcom (embroidery) and @jackiemantey (photography) or visit her website

Deadline: 12.07.2019
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