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Wed-Thu: 11AM-5PM | Fri-Sat: by advance appointment
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Mallory Shotwell

Call for Submissions for the Cultivate Art Magazine

Cultivate Art Magazine is art magazine series for grades k-3, 4-8, and 9-12 that actively teaches contemporary art sharing artists that are working today.  This is the third year we are sharing these magazines, and they are distributed in both print and digital formats, ensuring a broad reach. 

With 12,000 copies printed and distributed to public K-12 schools, libraries, and community centers throughout West Michigan, Michigan, and regionally, we also extend our reach nationally through an online edition available on Issu. These magazines share articles, photos, interviews, and more on contemporary art. The mission of this work is to create free, accessible, and high-quality teaching tools and activity books for students to be able to learn about contemporary art and artists. You can view examples of previous years' work here.

The Importance of Your Participation:

- Educational Impact: As an artist featured in our magazine, your work serves as a cornerstone for educational content, teaching students about contemporary art practices and the diverse cultural contexts that shape art today.

- Broad Exposure: Your art will be seen not just by art enthusiasts but also by a broad audience of educators, students, and community members, increasing recognition and appreciation for your work.

- Representation Matters: Showcasing a diverse array of artists is vital for representing the full spectrum of contemporary art. Your voice and vision contribute to a richer, more inclusive understanding of modern creativity.

- Influence: Being featured in our magazine is influencing the future of art makers, and expanding what they know of art and artists. You become part of the educational journey for countless students, shaping their understanding and appreciation of art.

Details of the Call:

-This is a free entry.

-Artists are invited to share their photos and work on a rolling basis, from April 20-July 30. Accepted artists will be emailing also on a rolling basis from April 20-July 30.

Sharing Your Work:

To participate, please complete the attached photo submission and consent form. We ask for high-resolution images of your work and a brief description that may accompany your artwork in the magazine. Submit your materials via the application here.

Note: we will not send confirmation emails for this work, but we do have a confirmation screen that appears after the form is submitted. 

Name: Mallory Shotwell
Address: 620 Wealthy St SE
Phone: 6086693889