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**CALL FOR WORK: Research Project #21: Pride + Adulthood**

We're seeking movement-based performance submissions for Research Project #21, which will take place Sunday, June 23, 2019. The deadline to submit is Monday, June 10.



Since 2013, Research Project has been a space for movement-based performers (interpreted broadly) to try out new work and somehow, magically, almost every time, receive shockingly valuable responses to it from their audiences. RP is specific and weird and fun and ends pretty much on time, and is intended as both a service to artists and a statement about what our community can contain. As noted below, it's low-stakes but high-investment: people are Here For Your Shit. It's usually on a Sunday night, and there's something about that that allows us all to simultaneously relax yet mean what we say. We serve food and drinks, split the door funds with the artists, and show up every 2-3 months no matter what.

On June 23 we're doing our 21st ever Research Project, and we're rolling with the themes that that number and time of year call to mind and calling this the Pride + Adulthood RP. We've never had a themed RP before, so why not use our 21st birthday to make that happen? Mom and Dad are out of town anyway. Just kidding but for real though: send us your work in that direction, and let's get it on the bill.


More about the formal call for RP#21

Research Project is a low-stakes, high-investment works-in-progress performance series hosted at OuterSpace Studios. RP brings together artists in the midst of their creative processes to show work, share process, give & receive responses, and chew the fat. Each RP features about an hour's worth of performance, followed by a gently facilitated conversation of equal length. This opportunity provides a community forum for experimentation, emerging ideas, and artist-to-peer support. We welcome artists and their work at any phase in their careers and processes.


For RP#21, we are conscious both of the special number we've hit as well as the timeliness of Pride. As such - and as a queer founded, queer run, and queer centering event - for this particular round of RP we particularly encourage works that consider or engage experiences of resistance, queer selfhood, transformative joy, and other topics that Pride and adulthood specifically call to mind.


Research Project is coordinated by Nora Sharp and Aurora Tabar with the support of OuterSpace and the organizations it homes. RP was started by Greer Dworman in 2013.


If you’re interested in showing work, please send along the following:

- A brief description of the work you wish to share. Where you are in your process and what you hope to gain from this in-progress opportunity?- A link to a brief work sample reflecting your current or past work.- The length of time that would best serve your needs in showing. We seek a balance that works for all present. Most nights feature 3-4 performers over the course of an hour, with an average individual performance length of around 10 minutes.- Your technical needs (i.e. sound, projector, etc). Please know that OuterSpace is a low-tech venue with simple lighting and sound amplification. If you have additional technical needs we may ask you to simplify or provide your own equipment/technician.


Artists for whom we can make space will be notified by June 14 and will present their work on June 23 at 7pm at OuterSpace Studios, 1474 N. Milwaukee, 3rd Floor in Wicker Park, Chicago. We regret that there is not an elevator available at this space.

Submit proposals to

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Monday, June 10, 2019

For more information on RP and its history, check out:


Deadline: 06.10.2019
Name: Nora Sharp
Address: Chicago, IL
Phone: N/A