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Asian Actors Needed for Staged Reading - Swan Soong Play

Casting 2 Asian male roles for Swan Soong. Enjoy complex dialogue, some humor and a good dose of sarcasm? Swan Soong is a tale about three powerful Chinese sisters as seen through the eyes of American author and pet ape collector Emily Hahn aka Mickey. Intrigues, love and double crossing abound as these one time celebrities' stories are woven together to reveal the power of family and the beginnings of modern China. A new play by Jyl Bonaguro set in 1940s war torn Shanghai.

Auditions:Auditions will be held at Workshop 4200 Suite 17A Chicago, IL 60614June 5-20 Material To Prepare: Be prepared to read from the script with one brief monologue of choice Time Commitment: Two Production Dates Wednesday, July 24, 2019 from 6-9pm - Hinsdale Public Library Rehearsals 3-6 in July Saturday, Nov 16, 2019 from 2-5pm - Chinese American Museum Rehearsals 3-6 in Oct/Nov


After 2 successful readings sponsored by Columbia College and Zhou B Art Center, we are excited for 2 more!! Directed by Marc Rita, a Chicago-based theater director, actor and producer. Marc got his professional training with Steppenwolf and Organic Theater companies, and the Beverly Hills Playhouse. He has been a supporter and developer of Asian American theater since 1983 when he and 7 other actors co-founded MinaSama-No, Chicago’s first Asian American theater company. Starring Lina Jean Fritz as Ai-ling Soong, Mira McCarthy as May-ling Soong, Eunice Park as Ching-ling Soong, Flavia Pallozzi as Mickey Hahn, TBD as Sinmay Zau & Generalissimo, and TBD as T.V. Soong & Big Eared Tu.

Deadline: 06.29.2019
Name: JylBonaguro
Address: 4200 W Diversey Ave 17A
Phone: 312-823-5321