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Wed-Thu: 11AM-5PM | Fri-Sat: by advance appointment
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Mariah Eastman

16X2 Performance

Dovetail Studios Garage Performance Space is launching a new performance rental program: 16X2. Dovetail will be offering the second weekend of each month at a discounted rate. Artists will get a total of 8 hrs of tech and two performance evenings at 4hrs per evening, a total of 16 hrs in the space, every second weekend of the month (16X2). The rental fee for 16X2 is $800. Tech Times are the following: Wed + Thurs at 12 - 4pm or 8pm - 12am.Dovetail provides lights, a sound system, curtains, a house manager, and chairs for your performance. Artists must hire their own TD/lighting designer.

To be considered for this program you can be an independent artist or company of any movement form. Those participating may share the weekend with one other artist/company. This program is not meant for festivals but rather for artists to have an affordable option to present their work in an intimate setting. Dovetail will launch this program in August and will offer the weekend of August 16 + 17 for $700.00.

To be considered for this opening weekend and deeper discount please fill out the application linked in bio. For September -December, it will be first come first serve



Link to application:

Deadline: 04.29.2024
Name: Joanna Read
Address: 2853 W Montrose Ave Chicago IL 60618
Phone: 872-208-6169