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maybe you need time for your eyes to adjust to the dark
Reception Opening

Friday, July 5, 2024 from 5-8pm

Work by

Michelle Chun Armando Román

Chicago Artists Coalition proudly presents maybe you need time for your eyes to adjust to the dark, a two-person exhibition by 2023-24 HATCH Residents Michelle Chun and Armando Román, curated by Christian Gonzalez Ho.

I invite you to see the explosion of color in this exhibition as an alchemy of darkness. Armando Román and Michelle Chun’s mark-making practices trace and triangulate spirits, minds, and bodies. To represent these as co-equal is rare within the contemporary landscape.

The title of the exhibition is an excerpt of dialogue from Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s Uncle Boonme Who Can Recall His Past Lives. Weerasethakul dissolves the categories of human animal man and woman within the darkness of the cinema; art becomes witness to the testimony of the numinous.

Similarly, the profusion of color and agility of form I encounter in Roman and Chun’s work dissolve the clinical divide between “representation” and “revelation.” Lingering before these pieces, I am disoriented and unmoored from a vision of myself as a hermetically-sealed individual. The sum of these gestures is a series of moments in which otherness is rendered perceptible. Such moments invite us to exchange clarity for mystery, surety for fluidity, and control for communion.

Michelle Chun is a visual maker from Southern California. She received a BFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design and a MAR in Visual and Material Culture from Yale Divinity School. She approaches her practice as both a visual investigation of how fragments accumulate, circulate, and create cultural imaginations within a community and also, simply, as the material language of meditation and prayer. She is currently a HATCH resident at the Chicago Arts Coalition and was the Painting and Drawing Teaching Artist in Residence at Lillstreet Art Center in 2023-2024. She has shown at Helen J Gallery in Los Angeles, Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago, and Gelman Gallery in Rhode Island among other exhibitions.

Armando Román is a Chicago-based artist who creates works on paper combining digital brushstrokes with physical marks from crayons, colored pencils, and pastels. The Mexican landscape, both cultural and literal, intrigues him, reflecting both a familiarity and foreignness due to his familial history. His compositions explore the relationship between border and center, using colors and patterns informed by Mexican folk art. Roman's art intertwines religious motifs and queer aesthetics, creating works that reflect an interest in both euphoric belonging and dysphoric rejection, embodying the double bind of pleasure and pain in his identity as a queer person raised Catholic.

Christian Gonzalez Ho is a PhD candidate in Art History at Stanford university and holds a Master of Architecture degree from Harvard University. Christian works as a cultural theorist, curator, and art historian, with a focus on how art and architecture mediate relationships with the self, others, and the numinous.

- Christian Gonzalez Ho

The opening reception will be on July 5 from 5-8pm.

Image: Armando Román, Made in Heaven (left) and Michelle Chun, Thin Place (right)

About Artists
2023 - 2024
Michelle Chun

Michelle Chun (b. 1993) is a painter and visual maker. Born and raised in Southern California, she is shaped by experiences of cross-cultural realities and interdisciplinary practices. With a BFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design and a MAR in Visual and Material Culture from Yale Divinity School, she approaches her practice both as embodied meditation on the sacred ordinary, acute emotions, migration and home while also a theological practice of incarnation, redemption, and liturgy. In 2022, she was a resident at the Ox-Bow School of Art and Artist’s Residency receiving the Longform Scholarship and participated in the Black Arts Movement School Modality taught and facilitated by artists and scholars such as Fred Moten, Sonia Sanchez, and Romi Crawford. She has shown at Helen J Gallery in Los Angeles, The Yard: Williamsburg in New York, and Gelman Gallery in Rhode Island among other exhibitions. She also makes music with the collective Miso Peanut Butter.

2023 - 2024
Armando Román

Armando Román is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in the Midwest. He received his BFA in Studio Arts from Denison University and his MFA in Visual Arts from The Ohio State University. His drawings traverse themes of religion, homosexuality, community, and the self. The Mexican landscape, both cultural and literal, is of particular interest to him. He creates work to better understand his own relationship with Mexico, which is simultaneously familiar and foreign to him. Familiar, in that countless stories have been retold to him of this place, where his mother and father were born. Foreign, in that he has no permanent relationship with it. Hybridization, juxtaposition, and integration are used in his practice as tools of resistance.

Crawling Through Glass, 2023. Inkjet and Pastel on Canvas. 44'' x 60''

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