Chicago Artists Coalition supports emerging and mid-career Chicago artists through our education programs that focus on professional development.

Education Events

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Public education events offered by the Chicago Artists Coalition connect artists with professionals in the field, business resources, practical tools, and real-world advice to demystify the process of career development and empower creative practitioners.

CAC roots our educational events for artists in key concepts of entrepreneurship and creative practice. Our public education events feature workshops, panel conversations, and individual consultations that provide artists with the educational skills and community needed for creative and professional success. 


The different types of public education events from CAC include:


  • Topical Workshops led by entrepreneurial experts that cover the foundational elements of strategic planning and business development for artists


  • Artist Case Studies panel conversations focus on learning from the personal experiences of dynamic leaders from throughout the Chicago arts community


  • Office Hours  one-on-one consultations with local curators, gallery directors, museum professionals, arts writers, and other cultural producers


  • Teaching Artists Summit series co-presented with Hyde Park Art Center, which offers half-day and daylong workshops that support the growth of Chicago’s teaching artists through professional development and community-building around critical issues in teaching artistry today

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