Stacia Yeapanis

Stacia Yeapanis is a Chicago-based, interdisciplinary artist, educator and writer. Influenced by existential philosophy and mindfulness meditation, she explores desire and impermanence through the portal of repetition in her cross-stitch embroideries, remix videos and temporary, collage installations. "All the conscious and unconscious repeated gestures we make as human beings are a lived engagement with the fact of existence," says Yeapanis. "We are here now, but someday we won’t be." Responding to that fact with wonder and play, as opposed to anxiety, Yeapanis's recent sculptural “landscapes” are improvised on the floor from thousands of hand-made and collected components. These landscapes last the length of each exhibition. 

Her solo exhibitions include shows at Siena Heights University (Michigan 2013), Heaven Gallery (Chicago 2014), Indianapolis Art Center (Indianapolis 2017), Robert F. DeCaprio Art Gallery (Palos Hills, Illinois 2018) and Kent State, Stark (North Canton, Ohio 2019). Stacia's most recent solo show was The Thin Line Between One Thing and Another, at Finlandia University (Hancock, Michigan) in January 2020.

She was a 2011-2012 Artist-in-Residence and a 2012-2013 Mentor-in-Residence at Chicago Artists Coalition’s BOLT Residency. Stacia is an instructor in the department of fiber and material studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she received her MFA in 2006, and she conducts weekly interviews with artists for OtherPeoplesPixels. Learn more about Stacia Yeapanis’s solo BOLT exhibition OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

Image: Stacia Yeapanis, Over and Over Again, 2012, digital and handmade media

(Updated 2022)

BOLT Residency

2011 - 2012,
Artist Resident

2012 - 2013,
Artist Resident