Marine Tempels

Marine is a Belgian-American artist working primarily in painting. She approaches painting as a practice to explore ideas. Her work focuses on questions such as: What does it mean to understand a place? What does it mean to take the time to understand a place? What systems do we have to oppose to gain a deep understanding of a place?

Marine has a BFA in Painting from Indiana University (2012) and has exhibited work throughout the Midwest; she most recently had a solo show at Elastic Arts Gallery. Marine also works as the Development Director for a nonprofit arts organization called ArtReach Chicago, where she works to empower and connect people through the healing power of glassblowing and ceramics. Marine believes art is a powerful tool for learning and healing, and she is passionate about making the art world more accessible and inclusive. She also has a great love for the mitten state, Belgian chocolate, redwood trees, vegetables, colors and people.


2019 - 2020,
Artist Resident