Kate Keeling

I have always loved art, like any child, I loved using my hands. I’m not sure whether I was born for art or I grew into it. In high school I took every art elective I was able to, from photography to printmaking. From there I decided to pursue graphic design and what I’d realize later, media art. I studied digital media at College of Lake County while working as a designer for a small print shop. I work this way for a few years before I decided it wasn’t enough for me. While my work dealt in art, I wasn’t making my own art. This realization drove me to pursue art in earnest in 2016 when I attended Northern Illinois University to earn a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree. I studied Time Arts (Media Arts). I specifically excelled at 3D Animation and  Motion Graphics, but I explore many modes of art, digital and traditional, to inform my work. Technology in art and society is a major theme in my work, as I believe the rapid development of technology, and proliferation of image and information wholly impactful on society.

LAUNCH Invitational

2019 - 2020,
Artist Resident