Juhi Gupta

I am a new media and installation artist currently based in Chicago, and originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. I recently graduated from the University of Chicago with a double major in visual arts and public policy. For four years, I have been an active community organizer on campus and in the city of Chicago, working with national as well as local grassroots, progressive advocacy organizations. I currently lead the largest political organizing collective at the University of Chicago, called UChicago Student Action (UCSA). I also am a skilled graphic designer, brand strategist, social media marketer, and content creator, with a background in journalism and multimedia storytelling. I generally put these creative skills towards bolstering the media presence of political causes and organizations I care about. I make work that is politically conscious and socially relevant, dealing with issues that circulate as part of online discourse. I also enjoy making electronic music and moonlight as a DJ, and I look forward to find ways to incorporate music and sound art into my installation work. I began my art-making career as primarily a painter and photographer, but I have forayed into video, installation art, and other forms of digital art in the past few years. I have exhibited my art on campus informally several times over my tenure as a student.

LAUNCH Invitational

2019 - 2020,
Artist Resident