Wed-Thu: 11AM-5PM | Fri-Sat: by advance appointment
Wed-Thu: 11AM-5PM | Fri-Sat: by advance appointment

Gordon Fung

Gordon Fung (b. 1988, San Francisco, CA; lives in Chicago, IL) is a transdisciplinary artist-curator who works with large-scale curatorial/collaborative practices, experimental audiovisual performances, new media installations, noise music, experimental film/video, media archaeology, participatory works, and happenings.

Expanding the traditional caretaking role of the curator, he applies stewardship to artworks, artists, history, culture, and the community at large to ensure constructive dialogue between them. Recognizing the cultural significance of media and technology, his curations bring equilibrium to art scenes where media arts are underrepresented. Serving as a mediator and facilitator, he builds a heteroglossic bridge to foster a more supportive environment that elevates both institutions and independent DIY scenes.

Inspired by the unique Chicago video/media arts lineage and collectivity in Fluxus, Gordon forms and directs the experimental time-based arts collective //sense to showcase large-scale experimental community theater performances, exhibitions, and screenings. Counteracting the marginalization of experimental time-based arts, he curates and fosters a collaborative common ground for sound, video, performance, and media artists to create gesamtkunstwerk through synergy. By democratizing media tools, he empowers and mobilizes the community to rectify media injustice imposed by corporations.

As a firm believer in collectivism, his large-scale curation cultivates two maxims: “making good communities better” and “finding arts in all things.” Referencing Fluxus and happenings, he creates brave spaces for participants to unleash their imagination in artmaking through deskilling and unlearning.

Gordon has presented experimental community theaters at the International Museum of Surgical Science (2024), No Nation Art Lab (2023), Comfort Station (2023), and MacLean Ballroom (2023). His curated exhibitions include: (re)understanding media: extension of agency in the global village (Ars Electronica Campus Exhibition 2024 in Austria), prismatic (re)ality (2024), and //show what you can (2023). He launches neomediapolis, an experimental and community space in Chicago, to support video, media, and performance arts.

Image: Gordon Fung, and the home of the [placeholder]—S1E1_pilotComfortStation (2023), experimental community theater, duration varies - Photo by Alex Teng-feng Kuo

CAC Residency

2024 - 2025,
Curatorial Resident