Wed-Thu: 11AM-5PM | Fri-Sat: by advance appointment
Wed-Thu: 11AM-5PM | Fri-Sat: by advance appointment

Emily Souers

Nominated by Marwen  I combine materials with different structural and aesthetic qualities to produce objects with both hard and soft components, archival and biodegradable. When exposed to elements such as water, temperature change, or erosion, each material reacts in its distinctly individual way, coming undone or strengthening in a transformative process. Within each installation, I aspire to display a duration of time condensed into an object. I do this by preserving evidence of every process the object undergoes in its life, beginning with its finger-printed birth and leading into its multi layered death. These pieces function as center points in installations, hanging in open space. Thin black wire forms suspended geometric shapes around the objects. The wire creates linear geometries that activate surrounding space, visually centering the pieces within compositions and connecting them to their environments. Felt and handmade paper is wrapped around linear ceramic structures. The felt stretches like skin over ambiguous protruding skeletal systems. The objects are pod shaped and emit light. Plants are rooted in these structures to grow. As water is poured into the pieces to feed the plants, the porous fiber materials begin to come apart and decompose, fostering mold growth, and slackening their attachment to ceramic components over time. I employ subtle sensory elements in my work, such as air currents that create oscillating movement, redolent of breath. Smells are often imbedded into the walls of objects that are detectable at intimate proximities, rewarding viewers who peer closely. Light is projected through complex silhouettes of objects to cast images on translucent screens that form the borders of installations. Image: Float Paper House (ceramics, laser cut paper, light projection, fibers), 2015

LAUNCH Invitational

2016 - 2017,
Artist Resident