Wed-Thu: 11AM-5PM | Fri-Sat: by advance appointment
Wed-Thu: 11AM-5PM | Fri-Sat: by advance appointment

Cassandra Meek

Nominated by Columbia College Chicago I consider sites of exchange between the internal self and the external world, through the use of visual metaphor. My own body is cast as performer, and aims to coax non-human objects and substances into their own innate tendency to perform. At-hand materials such as food, ice, or saliva function as non-human bodies which engage in actions such as melting, peeling, bursting or dissolving. By exploring the associations between each substance and its deterioration, I question and draw light upon the erratic, unpredictable natures of subjectivity, the ego, and ontology. These studies often take their final form as an art object,  photograph, or moving image in an effort to create lasting artifacts from ephemeral events. Image: Sweet, Cold, 2016

LAUNCH Invitational

2017 - 2018,
Artist Resident