Wed-Thu: 11AM-5PM | Fri-Sat: by advance appointment
Wed-Thu: 11AM-5PM | Fri-Sat: by advance appointment

Brett Swinney

Born on the northwest side of Chicago, Brett Swinney graduated from Columbia College with a B.A. in Photography 2004, to then work in the commercial photography industry for several years. During that time, he started to investigate ways to develop cultural projects that aimed to provide wider access to the production and presentation of art to new audiences, leading to the formation of Anysquared Projects. Projects produced through Anysquared include the "Cinema Minima Film Residency," "Post Post Post Modernism," and a variety of gallery shows and community art events. After attaining a Masters in Arts Administration & Policy, (SAIC 2014) his present focal point is to develop his creative practices while exploring alternative organizational models as a means to encourage collaboration and activism within the arts. Learn more about Brett Swinney​’s HATCH exhibitions Analogues, Amor Fati, and Ethno / graphic.

HATCH Projects

2015 - 2016,
Curatorial Resident