WED – FRI: 11AM-5PM SAT: 12-4PM (by advance appt. only)
WED – FRI: 11AM-5PM SAT: 12-4PM (by advance appt. only)

Benjamin Larose

Benjamin Larose’s goal is to engage people in conversations about identity, normality and material culture. It is to question how we become who we are, what it means to be normal and how commodity culture impacts our sense of self and our perception of others. He thinks of his work as sculpture with a Fashion DNA. The zeitgeist of any time period, which is fundamental to fashion, is inherent to the objects we surround ourselves with; the things we buy, discard or preserve. Larose’s practice consists of a deep and personal inquiry of these things. He collects everyday objects and puts them through a variety of material manipulations to create sculpture. His work subverts the meaning of these normative objects and makes them tell a different story, transporting viewers to a place where difference is depicted as epic and triumphant.

Image: Swell, Year: 2018, Dimensions: 84" x 84" x 66”, Materials: adhesive, batting, dollhouse furniture, foam, headboard, plywood, puzzle pieces, Photo: James Prinz

(updated 2019)

BOLT Residency

2017 - 2018,
Artist Resident