Amina Ross

Amina Ross is a transdisciplinary artist based in Chicago. Through visual abstraction she creates palatable tensions of repulsion and seduction.The conceptions of black visuality and the sexualized image are combined through a blending of image, writing, performance, curatorial and installation work. Amina’s practices are performative, highly-collaborative and consciously constructed bearing in mind the traditional roles and identities of the director, doctor, salesperson, performer, patient, etc.  Amina enacts alternate forms of power distribution within these relationships. She is committed to creating spaces that foster thinking, conversation, growth and love. These ambitions manifested in the founding of 3rd Language, queer arts collective; which has received the Propeller Fund grant and Davis Foundation awards for its summer workshops series. Amina is collaborator on web-based project, which aims to catalogue police violence, with project partner Anthony Ladson. Amina holds a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is currently a teaching artist at Hyde Park Art Center.  

LAUNCH Invitational

2016 - 2017,
Guest Speaker

BOLT Residency

2015 - 2016,
Artist Resident