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Wed-Thu: 11AM-5PM | Fri-Sat: by advance appointment

Alma Dominguez

Alma Dominguez was born in México (Chihuahua) but she has lived in the Chicago area for over 15 years. She has been a visual artist for more than two decades, working with different techniques and materials, on metal, paper or canvas, predominantly mixed media. Domínguez is a psychologist with a Master's degree in Social Sciences. Her journey through the aforementioned areas has had a great influence on her artwork. 

“My work is the result of my questions and internal dialogues on political, social and environmental issues; the female figure is very present, I am interested in highlighting the importance of women in all areas of our society, especially those that have historically broken stereotypes and the status quo. As an undocumented migrant woman, I also consider that our community stories are very important and should be told by us to leave a record of how much we contribute to this society.”

Her work has been exhibited in México, USA, Spain, Italy, Nicaragua, Argentina, Chile, France and Russia. Has the honor of being the only Latina woman in The Chicago Society of Artists, The "CSA” is the oldest continuing association of artists (since 1887) in the United States. Dominguez is the Founder of Pintoras Mexicanas, approximately 350, painters of Mexican origin around the world who organize exhibitions to promote their work and to support different organizations.  As well as co-founder of OPEN Center for the Arts where they work to share, inspire, and promote different artistic expressions through workshops, exhibitions, and public art in Chicago.

Image: Alma Dominguez, WE ARE HERE TO STAY (2019). Dimensions 24 x 36 inches. Mixed media/Canvas

SPARK Microgrant

2021 - 2022,
Grant Recipient