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Belmont and Western
Visual Artists Studio ,
submitted by
Mark Yee
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What happens when 2 guys from very different backgrounds share a professional art studio together? "feel the magic in the making" Sunset Boulevard I go home to my husband, our 3 kids and new puppy. Julio goes home to his wife, 3 kids and his dog. Me, an MBA finance guy, and Julio a photographer for family events, hang out at studio, talk about art, make art, host art exhibits. Mark just initiated a collective with his 3 interns. Rarely are we all together but when we do meet by plan or by chance, we play great music and the feeling is great. We make art, read about art, invite artists and non-artists for beer (Julio), wine (Mark) and conversation and selling art. We are looking for 1 to 2 other artists to join us on a monthly basis to use the space to make your own art and to enter our collaborative realm. Microwave and lots of other comfy amenities make it the envy of all other studios. Comfortable but work only. Not live / work. Please let us know why you think you would be the perfect fit and why you should have access to our amazing community. Please let us know what you are currently paying or what you wish to pay in rent. We will match your current rent or match your budget but we need to know if you would be a good fit. There's plenty of space so no need to worry about that. Reply if you are intrigued and would like to talk more.
24 / 7
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we're looking for a good fit regardless of budget

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