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Jon McMahon

video editor for radical dark comedy film

NYU-film-grad-directed 2-camera miniDV DIY gonzo guerrilla doo-wop skate punk almost-musical dark melo-slapstick existential slouchcore vérité fever dream feature-length film seeks video editor.

TEEN-AGE RAGE documents the absurd misadventures of rural Nebraska motel-dwelling delinquents as they endeavor to escape obscurity by forming a doo-wop punk band. If you dig the spirit of Sixteen Candles and Julien Donkey-Boy and Enter the Void and Tim & Eric and Jerry Lewis and Robert Altman and Tsai Ming-Liang, you might be the one. But this will be its own thing.

Ideal candidate has experience editing multi-cam video, an absurd sense of humor, and the desire to create outside the realm of conventional storytelling. Please submit your best clips/reel and editing résumé to Multi-cam/comedy/experimental examples would be especially useful.

This is a DIY project, and the cast/crew have invested their time and energy in exchange for copy/credit/meals. There will be a stipend for the editor position.

Contact Info:
Job Type: Freelance/Contract/Temp
Location: Chicago / remote