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Teaching Artist - Visual Arts

Changing Worlds, an arts and cultural education organization, seeks Visual Arts teaching artists to teach in our Arts and Cultural Connections after-school and in-school programs in Chicago Public Schools. Changing Worlds’ visual arts residencies inspire creativity through the investigation of culture and technique. Throughout the course of the residency, students develop personal portfolios chronicling the development of their artistic skills. Each residency culminates in an exhibition for friends and family. Currently Changing Worlds is open to artists of all visual media including:

Ceramics - Students explore basic forms and building techniques to create pottery or sculptures. Students will create pieces inspired by cultural regions, significant artists and their own artistic vision.

Comic Arts - Under the guidance of a graphic illustrator, students learn hand drawing and graphic design techniques. Drawing from their own experiences, the students create comic stories and images. Students will create t-shirts, comics and posters from their original work.

Mask Making - Students create masks based on their exploration of different cultures, history and self-identity. Students use traditional and non-traditional techniques to experiment with mood and aesthetic.

Mixed Media - Students create 2D and 3D works using multiple techniques and materials to explore the cultural and historical origins of the art form. Examples include collage, 3D sculpture and mosaic.

Mural - Students engage in the collaborative process of creating a mural. Students generate a relevant theme, research images, draft preliminary sketches, and design the composition before executing the final mural.

Painting - Students explore the techniques and history of painting through the examination of influential artists’ work. Comparing style and cultural influences, students experiment with a variety of techniques to create their own unique portfolio of work.

Visual artists with experience in teaching one or more of the following areas:

*Graphic/Digital Arts

*Fiber Arts

*Comic Arts



*Multi Media Arts


*Drawing and Painting

*Installation Art

Compensated responsibilities include instructing groups of up to 15 students in an after-school studio setting or up to 35 students in collaboration with a classroom teacher in an in-school setting. The artist will develop a curriculum, use their planning hours to prepare materials, teach the visual arts skills, present the history/ tradition or cultural context of the art form being taught. The work with students will result in the development of a collection of student work that is exhibited or ends with culminating discussions about the completed work with family and friends. Part of this position is to maintain positive relationships with students, parents and school administrators.

Locations of program assignments will be determined by the Program Manager. Typically, the in-school programs may engage an artist for up to 3 hours of teaching, occurring between the hours of 8am-3pm and after-school program sessions are 90 minutes to 2 hours long, occurring between 3pm-6pm at the designated site. Timeframes are determined by the participating school.


*Support the development of the essential visual art skills for the targeted group of students

*Support the development of cultural awareness and related vocabulary for the targeted group of students

*Planning and implementation of a unique arts curriculum for a targeted group of students

*Engage with students to encourage their creativity and self-expression

*Employ a system of effective classroom behavior management

*Support the students in the creation of a culminating exhibit or final critique

*Consult with Changing Worlds’ Program Manager on the development of programming and its implementation.

Skills & Qualifications:


*Strong experience with and knowledge of the identified visual art forms and its history


*Comfortable working with groups of students that represent a wide range of abilities

*Comfortable working with diverse groups of students

*Strong mentorship and leadership skills

*Prior experience with youth is mandatory

*Transportation to/from the teaching site is the responsibility of the teaching artist

Job Type: Freelance/Contract/Temp
Location: Chicagoland