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Teaching Artist - Songwriting & Music Production

Changing Worlds, an arts and cultural education organization, seeks Songwriting and Music Production Teaching Artists to teach in our Arts and Cultural Connections after-school and in-school programs in Chicago Public Schools. Changing Worlds’ songwriting and production residencies spark innovative and critical thinking skills, while exploring music culture and self-expression. Classes are taught by teaching artists with small groups of pre-selected students up to ten. Teaching artists are responsible for the following:

Songwriting and Music Production - Students learn to express themselves through creating original songs. Students learn the necessary technical skils that are then translated into the creative abilities it takes to make an original song. Recordings are done in-class and students tend to collaborate in small groups.

Compensated responsibilities include instructing groups of up to 10 students in an in-school or after-school classroom setting. The artist will use the Changing Worlds established curriculum as a guide for week-to-week classes, use their planning hours to prepare for the class, teach the required songwriting and production skills, and present the history/ tradition and/or cultural context of the art form. The work with students will result in the development of a collection of student work that is exhibited or finishes with culminating discussions about the completed work with Part of this position is to maintain positive relationships with students, parents and school administrators.

Job Description

  1. Teach students grade levels six through eight how to use Garageband in a Mac-based environment.
  2. Create lesson plans and assign in-class projects as necessary.
  3. Teach students how to use loops and MIDI to “make beats” with a coherent song structure and melody/harmony.
  4. Teach students how to write lyrics using various literary devices
  5. Teach students how to record in Garageband using music industry standard techniques
  6. Build rapport with school principals, vice principals, teachers and support staff.
  7. Teach advanced students mixing concepts, instrumental recording, and sampling.
  8. Ensure students can perform all tasks on their own or with little help by the end of the prescribed length of the course.
  9. Ensure students can complete an original recorded sound with help from the instructor by the end of the course.
  10. Keep accurate records of student attendance.
  11. Adhere to professional and workplace guidelines as required by Changing Worlds
  12. Participate in monthly staff meetings and professional development opportunities.
  13. Must have reliable transportation to and from CPS locations.

Education and experience requirements

*Associate's Degree in Music Production or Education (Bachelor’s Degree Preferred) or similar with 2 years+ as a professional in the music industry (either freelance or employee).

*Experience and passion for working with or teaching youth required.

*Teacher Certification is a plus, but not required.

*Show proof of either official credits or portfolio of completed projects. Provide proof of mastery of Garageband software via Changing Worlds Assessment.

*Demonstrate ability to teach by creating a lesson and demonstration in front of Changing World staff.

Contact Info:
Jonathan Pierre
Job Type: Freelance/Contract/Temp
Location: Chicagoland