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Studio Manager

Studio Manager Position

Reports To

The Studio Owner and Co-owner.


The Lead Studio Coordinator, full time and part time administrative staff members, volunteer hosts, and independent contractor staff.

Job Overview

The Studio Manager position is multi-faceted requiring an ideal candidate to feel confident working with a small team of close individuals while overseeing the successful functioning of additional staff and the studio as a whole. The position requires ingenuity, problem solving skills, and excellent time management. Candidates should be able to work successfully in higher pressure, project-oriented situations with strict deadlines. The Studio Manager is the point person for all escalated customer service and staff issues under the Studio Owner.

Responsibilities and Duties

· Write and set studio policy including application and enforcement methods.

· Recruit, train, and oversee administrative staff including hiring, scheduling, payroll, disciplinary actions, company performance reviews, end of employment administration, etc.

· Train Independent contractors and volunteer hosts and facilitate disciplinary actions, end of employment administration, etc.

· Provide technical support and troubleshoot internet & phone/fax service, website & email hosting, web & registration software design, database back-ups, credit card terminal functionality, etc.

· Facilitate studio marketing practices including Groupon, Yelp, Google Adwords, Social Media, community partnership donations, etc. and engineer new marketing endeavors for optimal studio promotion and new student engagement.

· Oversee studio maintenance and building operations including building security, HVAC & sound equipment maintenance, cleaning operations, etc.

· Maintain vendor relationships and contracts.

· Facilitate and manage studio rentals and requests including event quotes, contracts, staffing, logistics, and billing.

· Assist in planning and organizing dance events and trips.

· Other duties as assigned.


· Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in Business Administration or equivalent office management experience.

· 3 years + office experience, management experience a plus.

· Must possess exceptional communication skills and be able to provide excellent customer service, de-escalate situations, answer emails and phone calls professionally and timely.

· Technical skills and problem solving with database and web design/management preferred.

· Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

· Must be able to work successfully in both an individual and group environment. Should thrive in high pressure situations while efficiently managing time during quiet moments.

· Must be able to delegate responsibilities and tasks to support staff.

· Must be able and willing to do some light physical labor including moving studio chairs, tables, furnishings, and equipment.

Contact Info:
May I Have This Dance
Job Type: Permanent
Location: Chicago, IL