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Maren Rosenberg

Seeking Game Masters for Artist-Run Escape Room Company


Please review the following material carefully. If you think this job fits well with your current lifestyle and culture, please follow the provided instructions to proceed with the interview process.

Thank you for your time, talent, and interest, Time Traveler.


Clever, creative, kind, responsible, technically proficient and personable independent contractors to operate our Escape Games. (If you are a theater technician, stage manager, or tour guide you would probably be good at this!)

We are seeking experienced sales staff and individuals who, in addition to operating games, are also interested in earning extra income working the box office, fixing broken puzzles, helping maintain the set (rooms and lobby), doing webmaster work, office/administrative work, event planning, community outreach/organizing, marketing and/or sales.


We are Chicago’s only independently womxn-owned, operated and designed escape game company with an event space. We are a family of artists, misfits and weirdos in the best possible way. We are proud to be a part of our community and aim to give back as much as we can to the city we live, work and play in.

For more information about Escape Artistry feel free to visit our website:

Master is paid $15 per hour plus cash tips. One game session typically lasts 1.5 – 2hrs, but Game Masters are paid for the full 2hrs ($30/game) to account for any additional cleanup, opening/closing, or customer service time.

Training is paid as a stipend upon completion of learning a game. Game fixes and maintenance are also paid $15 per hour. Box office, admin, event planning etc. is done as a per day stipend or hourly (pay depends on structure of job, number of hours, experience level etc). Sales are paid as a combination of stipend and commission.

All positions start as independent contractors. There are opportunities to work up to becoming a part time or full time employee, gaining access to our health insurance plan.


● You must have a college degree, currently attending college or be well-traveled and above the age of 18.

● You must be able to communicate effectively via email, in person, and over the phone.

● You must be capable of keeping game notes and learning to use game running software.

● You must be a punctual, professional individual capable of working independently.

● You must own or have access to a smartphone (any brand is fine as long as you can access the internet).

● You must be able to politely interact with guests, run a fun game, and deal calmly with any issue that may arise. Tech support and managerial support will be available over the phone if not in person.

● You must have a sense of humor, value having fun (never at the expense of others), and not be a jerkfacebuttmunchgarbagehuman.


Game Masters will be scheduled session by session. There is no minimum or maximum number of games a contractor must work. Escape Artistry offers showtimes Monday thru Sunday starting at 10:15AM with the last games starting at 10:45PM.

Schedules are made two weeks to one month in advance and you will never be scheduled when you are not available.

Last minute game additions are staffed on a first come first serve basis. Once you are scheduled your shift becomes your responsibility and it’s up to you to get it covered if something comes up. You are welcome to take time off. Go on vacation. If you get another gig, awesome! We simply ask that you don’t put yourself on the schedule during the time of your unavailability — you can begin picking up shifts when you are done with your project.

We are excited to hire any person qualified for this job regardless of race, creed, sexual or gender identity, age (over 18) or religion.


Are you interested? Do you meet all the prerequisites? If yes, woohoo! Contact our manager, Nic, at:

In your email of interest please include:

■ Your name and pronouns

■ Your contact information, the best way and best time to reach you

■ Are you an artist? If yes, what kind?

■ Your Myers Briggs, or Hogwarts House, or astrological sign, or 5 Factor, or combo

■ What you’re interested in: Game Master, Mr./Ms./Mx. Fix It, Box Office, etc.

■ When you’re generally available and how many hours are you hoping to work

■ If you have or have not already attempted to escape one of our games

■ Attach your work resume with at least three references

Please indicate in your email if you have any of the following skills:

ADMIN STUFF: proofreading/editing, creative writing/copy generation, taking dictation/admin asst

COMMUNICATION STUFF: non-english languages (spoken, written), proficient using SLACK

COMPUTER STUFF: programming, webmaster experience

CREATIVE STUFF: painting, carpentry, electronics, A/V, props or crafts, film, editing, photography, graphic design

CUSTOMER SERVICE STUFF: box office, public speaking/improv, working with children, handling inebriated people

PROJECT MANAGEMENT STUFF: event planning, project management, organizing (physically or digitally), community building, community organizing, proficient using EXCEL, using CRMs

SELLING STUFF: outbound sales, in-person networking, marketing and/or social media experience.

Contact Info:
Nic Eastlund
Job Type: Freelance/Contract/Temp
Location: Wicker Park