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Production Assistant Need for a Film

We're looking for Production Assitant for our film Love Theory in March. We're looking for a candidate who is punctual and passionate about filmmaking — this a volunteer position. You will be part of a small production team ready to film a small feature. The objective of this project is to collectively grow our platforms by producing work we're passionate about.

Synopsis of the film: During a birthday party, a group of six friends is forced to deal with their romantic feelings towards one another after they are trapped during a winter storm. The film centers around a set of diverse, straight and queer couples.

Examples of our work are at
Dates: 3/12/2020-3/15/2020, 3/21/2020-3/22/2020, 3/28/2020-3/29/2020.
There will also be a production meeting in February.

We would need someone to help with the following responsibilities.
1. Assist costume designers, directors, camerapeople and other crew members
2. Prepare the set with lights, props, equipment, etc.
3. Print and distribute daily paperwork (e.g., scripts, call sheets)
4. Escort actors around the filming area and coordinate extras
5. Act as a runner distributing messages or items within the film crew and cast

Job Type: Volunteer
Location: Chicago IL